Again with you – a small overview of topics/projects

What I did in the last months and what we are going to talk about in future


Dear-dear Friends,

After quite a long pause I am again with you with an ocean of very important and  interesting information 🙂

This year was for me a year of inspiration, Continue reading “Again with you – a small overview of topics/projects”


Prepare your data. Part 1: Pre-processing

Pre-process unstructured Data

Hello, my dear friends. In the last article we had an overview of some interesting datasets for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Let’s learn, how to work with them!


Data preparation is the A and B for every data scientist. Despite having good data, you cannot access the information in it, unless it is processed. Only about 20% of information today is available in structured form. Majority of data is presented in text form, which is highly unstructured in nature.

In order to produce actionable insights from data, you have to prepare it. In this article we’ll learn, how to pre-process text information. Continue reading “Prepare your data. Part 1: Pre-processing”


Find Data for AI

How to find Good Data for AI projects

Dear AI friends,

all you need is … DATA! And love, of course 🙂

Yes, I don’t joke. The fuel for any AI System is Data. No matter how clever the technologies are, they depend on data. More importantly, they depend on “good” data. If you have good Data, you have already solved 50% of your problem. Any AI System is “data-hungry” and can only be as smart as the information you provide it with.

So, before we start with clever ML algorithms, let’s ensure we know, how to find Data for your AI 😉 Continue reading “Find Data for AI”


Let’s create a chatbot

Creating a bot in Python with Telegram (an echo-bot, an else-if bot and a bot with Levenshtein Distance)

Hello, my dear friends 🙂

Today, we are going to create our own communication bot.


There are two reasons for it.

  • Reason Number One: Today it’s a TREND and a MUST

First of all, bots become a real craze of the modern world. It’s about humans talking directly to machines. It’s about science fiction. It’s about future. Continue reading “Let’s create a chatbot”


AI Blog

About me

I’m Tatjana Chernenko, a writer and computer scientist living in Germany.

I’m a student in Computational Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg. My interests focus on science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Every day I gain a lot of interesting experience and valuable knowledge. I found my passion in the world of science and AI. Every single step in a journey as a computer scientist is a kind of magic. I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge with you!

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